The missing guide to writing command-line tools in modern PHP

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An (e-)book covering everything from plain PHP to Laravel Zero, from options to arguments, from bundling to testing, from parallel processing to distribution; we will cover it all, spanning 360 pages!

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Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

Mastering CLI Tools in Modern PHP

About the author

Peter Jaap Blaakmeer is a seasoned PHP veteran who started writing PHP 3 in early 2000 and has since built numerous tools, webshops, websites, and pretty much everything else in PHP, for better or for worse.In 2011, Peter Jaap started the boutique e-commerce development agency Elgentos, which now employs 10 people. Aside from Magento, Elgentos also builds webshops using Shopware 6, and e-commerce supporting web applications in Laravel.Fair warning: Peter Jaap was compiled with the verbose option enabled.

The missing guide to writing CLI tools in modern PHP

Table of contents

1. About the author
2. Preface
3. Documentation
4. Cli vs web
5. Writing from scratch
6. Intro to Composer packages
7. Illuminate Database
8. Symfony Console Component
9. Testing
10. Building
11. Frameworks
12. Laravel Zero
13. Debugging CLI Applications
14. Autocompletion
15. Distribution
16. Honorable mentions
17. Acknowledgement

The missing guide to writing CLI tools in modern PHP

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Free for coding bootcamp participants!